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Over the years, France - The French Way has developed a comprehensive range of accommodation in Paris. Traditionally our style has been to offer charming apartments in central Paris. In most instances these apartments are "homes" to their owners, rather than just being properties set up for travellers to rent. Our objective is to present accommodation options which meet our own high-quality standards, ensuring that even the most demanding travellers will benefit from the accommodation selected. With well located and comfortable accommodation, you will then be free to enjoy the splendour of this wonderful city, Paris!

To help you find your ideal holiday property in Paris, Provence, or anywhere
in France, simply let us know :

* what sized property you require?
* what region you are looking at staying in for your holidays ?
* what time of the year you are interested in looking for a property
   to rent, and we will reply by return with some options for you. ?




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